My (huge) Tesla Model Y Review

Photo by Marc Hoag © 2020 All Rights Reserved.

Note: I’ve been fairly inconsistent with which unit of measurement I use, both in my various articles, as well as on my podcast. This inconsistency ends today, with this article: henceforth, for obvious reasons, I shall always default to metric (with imperial units in parentheses).

Founder @MotivMobility #AutonomousVehicles & Urban #Mobility #Consulting🚗💡#1 #AutonomousCars #podcast🎤#UCLA🐻#Econ #Physics📓3x #startup 👨‍💻#Attorney

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Marc Hoag

Marc Hoag

Founder @MotivMobility #AutonomousVehicles & Urban #Mobility #Consulting🚗💡#1 #AutonomousCars #podcast🎤#UCLA🐻#Econ #Physics📓3x #startup 👨‍💻#Attorney

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