Introducing Future Perfect

Marc Hoag
2 min readDec 1, 2022


A 3-minute daily summary of the top news in climate change, clean energy, and autonomous/electric vehicles

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Dear Readers — all 1000+ of you! —

Last month I launched a newsletter that summarizes the top news in climate change, clean energy, and autonomous/electric vehicles in about three minutes each weekday.

I had recently discovered and was hugely inspired by Dan Ni’s phenomenal daily newsletter, TLDR which provides bite-sized summaries of the top news in engineering, science, and technology. (Make sure you subscribe to his newsletter too if you haven’t yet!)

And so, just like I launched my podcast in 2018 because of a lack of podcasts covering the autonomous vehicle space, I noticed there wasn’t a daily newsletter covering my passions of climate change, clean energy, and of course, autonomous and electric vehicles.

Hence Future Perfect.

My hope is that if you’re a scientist, engineer, founder, academic, student, activist, lobbyist, politician, or are otherwise interested or involved in these interrelated fields, then this daily newsletter will make it easier for you to stay on top everything you need to know.

As I’ve always said in my podcast, “autonomous cars represent the greatest step change in humanity since the industrial revolution.” I still believe this to be true.

But there is nothing more singularly and crucially important than climate change.

I hope that you’ll subscribe and help me grow this newsletter. Want to read it first? Check out the archive.

Thanks very much. 🙏



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