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Note: I’ve been fairly inconsistent with which unit of measurement I use, both in my various articles, as well as on my podcast. This inconsistency ends today, with this article: henceforth, for obvious reasons, I shall always default to metric (with imperial units in parentheses).

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So I know this review has been a long time coming; those of you who listen to my podcast will remember that my wife and I took…

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Every time I vote, I try to wrap my head around how We the People are expected to make informed, educated voting decisions not just regarding the presidency, but on state and local issues too.

I try to educate myself as well as possible from the most legitimate, unbiased, academically-verified sources as possible. It’s a lot of work, but I think it’s my duty as an American, an attorney, a business owner, a husband, and the son of an 83 year-old U.S. …

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Twitter and Square both announced recently that henceforth, their employees may work from home… forever.

Meanwhile, Facebook is effectively full-time WFH until 2021 (except, tentatively anyway, July 6 for those who need to be in the office); Google is on full WFH status until, somewhat weirdly, NYE 2021; and Microsoft is currently WFH until October 2020.

As of this writing, these are the highest profile — if not officially the first — companies to make such a definitive and indefinite ruling on the matter, and it syncs neatly with what I’ve anticipated not only since the outbreak of the pandemic…

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Last week, we discussed how COVID-19 could put autonomous (and electric) vehicles in the fast-track lane for testing and full revenue deployment.

Now we’ll discuss how COVID-19 could amplify the already profound impacts that autonomous vehicles will have on urban development and the real estate market generally.

Spoiler alert: The suburbs could soon become prime real estate.

Point 1. An autonomous vehicle future will require forward-thinking, modular design to allow for the diminishing demand of vehicle parking.

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Point 1: Autonomous vehicles need more testing (obviously)

It is indisputable that autonomous vehicles (AVs) need adequate testing before going mainstream.

Also undisputed is that testing is nowhere near where it needs to be.

Fortunately, we’re now in the COVID-19 era where streets, boulevards, and freeways around the world are experiencing 30–50% reductions in traffic, and in some cases, even more.

The impact of emerging autonomous mobility on the built environment

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By Martin Adler, PhD, Partner, Hoag+Co.


The autonomous vehicle revolution is transforming mobility, and with it, urban infrastructure and the entire construction and real estate industry.

Tesla’s Boring Company tunneling under LA; Google’s Sidewalk building a neighborhood-sized laboratory in Toronto; Toyota’s Woven City in the foothills of Mt. Fuji.

The writing is on the wall:


Marc is a California-licensed attorney and founder of Hoag+Co., the only autonomous vehicles- and urban mobility-focused consulting firm in the world with an international team composed exclusively of PhDs, engineers, attorneys, and startup founders based in San Francisco, Paris, and Amsterdam.


Establish a three-pronged approach to streamline the safe and rapid deployment and regulation of autonomous vehicles (“AVs”) in the United States.


This new era of AVs represents the greatest step change in humanity since the Industrial Revolution. … | iTunes | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Quora

Number one on Google.

I still can’t believe it. To be fair, I suppose there’s only so many ways you can google podcasts about autonomous cars, the most typical being “autonomous cars podcasts” or “autonomous vehicles podcasts.” But still!

That, and there just aren’t that many podcasts exclusively about autonomous cars; in fact, mine genuinely seems to be the only weekly podcast in the world dedicated entirely to autonomous cars. Not only that, but I’ve managed to crank out two episodes per week; and so by that metric, at least, it is certainly unique indeed.

Hence my podcast’s proud spot…

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Marc is a California-licensed attorney and founder of Hoag+Co. ( and @hoagandco on all social media), the only autonomous vehicles- and urban mobility-focused consulting firm in the world with an international team composed exclusively of PhDs, engineers, attorneys, and startup founders based in San Francisco, Paris, and Amsterdam. He’s also the founder and host of Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag (, the #1 podcast on the world dedicated entirely to autonomous vehicle news and industry leader guest interviews.

To say that I dove headfirst into life as an entrepreneur back in October 2010 would be inaccurate. …

This article is neither solicited nor promotional, and I derive no personal gain from founders joining Founders Network.

To be clear, nobody affiliated with Founders Network asked me to write this article; nor did anybody know that I was writing this article prior to its publication.

Beyond my paid annual membership in Founders Network, I am in no way affiliated with, nor do I have any vested interest in, Founders Network or its business, its founders, members, investors, or any other entity otherwise associated with, or having a vested interest in, Founders Network.

This article is, however, my way of…

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